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MEGSE INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. is based in Guangzhou China, Guangzhou has 10 million inhabitants and is one of the biggest and most industrialised cities in China. Nowadays MEGSE has branches located in Switzerland, Spain, Brasil, Domenican republic and Iran.
The company
MEGSE INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. is based in China where all the exporting services are controlled. It is a family business, which aims to help you to successfully export goods from China to anywhere in the world. We will monitor the export process according to your needs.
Beginning with exporting from China to Latin America, MEGSE is currently expanding to Switzerland and Europe. Furthermore, we are planning to integrate the markets in the Middle East and North America. MEGSE's infrastructure allows us to deal with every market worldwide.
The key words are efficiency and savings. MEGSE is committed to find the best available price in the market. We have customers who paid up to 3/4 more on the whole exports process before working with MEGSE. Our objective is the benefit of our customers. We guarantee our services at an affordable price.
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